Natural Heritage Inventory


Venango County’s biodiversity inventory is entering its first field season of a two-year project.  Aerial photo interpretation has been conducted and private property owners were contacted by mail and phone to gain permission to conduct site surveys.  A low-altitude fly over of the county was conducted and field surveys are underway.  This project is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2009.  Plant and animal species of interest include the following:


Common Name




Colic-root Vascular Plant
Three-ridge Invertebra
Blue False Indigo Vascular Plant
Flat Stemmed Spike Rush Vascular Plant
Northern Riffleshell Invertebra
Snuffbox Invertebra
Gravel Chub Vertebrate
Bluebreast Darter Vertebrate
Spotted Darter Vertebrate
Tippecanoe Darter


Queen of the Prairie

Vascular Plant

Long Solid Invertebra
Bald Eagle Vertebrate
Small Wood Sunflower Vascular Plant
Ohio Lamprey (2 species) Vertebrate
Small Whorled Pogonia Vascular Plant
American Brook Lamprey Vertebrate
Wavy-rayed Lampmussel Invertebra
Creek Heelsplitter Invertebra
Swamp Fly Honeysuckle Vascular Plant
Lupine Vascular Plant
Northern Myotis Vertebrate
Osprey Vertebrate
Channel Darter Vertebrate
Gilt Darter Vertebrate
Longhead Darter Vertebrate
Sheepnose Mussel Invertebra
Clubshell Invertebra
Round Pigtoe Invertebra
Drooping Bluegrass Vasular Plant
Red head Pondweed Vascular Plant
Rabbitsfoot Invertebra
White Water Crowfoot Vascular Plant
Stalked Bulrush Vascular Plant
Eastern Massasauga Vertebrate
American Columbo Vascular Plant
Barn Owl Vertebrate
Central Mudminnow Vertebrate
Paper Pondshell Invertebra
Rayed Bean Mussel Invertebra
Rainbow Mussel Invertebra
Northern Madtom Vertebrate