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What is Recycling?

Recycling involves the separation and collection of materials for processing and remanufacturing into new products, and the use of products to complete the cycle.  Much of the aluminum, glass, paper and steel used for packaging today is already recycled.  Half the nation’s aluminum cans are made from recycled aluminum and one-quarter of the raw fibers used in the paper industry are from recycled paper products.  Glass and steel used in containers can be recycled over and over.

Why Should I Recycle?

Because it:

  • Saves natural resources
  • Saves landfill space
  • Reduces pollution
  • Saves money
  • Creates jobs

Solid Waste
The Tri-County (Venango, Forest and Clarion) Municipal Waste Management Plan was revised and updated in 2004.  The most important features of the Plan include:

  • Development of new projections for the generation of municipal waste for the next ten years
  • Designation of disposal facilities to be used for the disposal of generated waste
  • Consideration of the current recycling rate and a discussion of what is needed to work toward the State’s 35 percent recycling goal

The full plan can be reviewed in the VCRPC offices.  To read the executive summary, click here.